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Friday Favorites

Friday means fun and favorite things to me. Just knowing that soon you’ll have a couple days off automatically boosts my spirits!

Here are a few of my favorite images and inspirations.

What a fun way to create a focal point in the room and make your  bed’s headboard at the same time. This work of art could have been created with paints or Venetian plaster.

Painted headboard in French Style at Home

I saw this charming set of cafe doors in Paris, which inspired me…

Cafe doors in Paris

to create this plaster finish for a client’s powder room:

French Indochine finish

In France, this is a must see store to visit for me. I love their print ads!

Ressource Paints

In the book, French Style at Home by Sebastien Siraudeau, I saw this damask settee and

Damask settee in French Style at Home

actually based this finish on it for a living room. Six panels of varying widths were completed and framed (frames are not on yet here) with molding.

Metallic damask finish

My favorite way to choose a finish for a client is to have them bring me their inspirations;  I’ll take it from there and dream and experiment till we nail it!


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…as in the book, Monochrome, by Paula Rice Jackson. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from this quietly elegant book on one way to use color.

While I love color, especially how Mother Nature combines them, there is something soothing and exciting when you walk into a room and you just feel the balance and harmony of the subtle nuances of color.

The funny thing about using one color is that it takes just as much attention to detail as it does when using a range of colors.

Designer: Nancy Corzine

Designer: Vicente Wolf

Designer: Vicente Wolf

The marble wall is beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?

Designer: John Saladino

The Venetian plaster walls in these photos are so…well, you just want to touch them! These monochrome walls are inspiring!

Designer: Philippe Starck

Designer: Philippe Starck

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A glossy ceiling? Really?

One of the widely followed home design maxims is to avoid the glossy ceiling. Flat paint it is! And most of the time, the ceiling is white (a totally different subject).

I would like to differ.  I love the shiny ceiling! The way it reflects the room and makes is seem more spacious. It amplifies the available light and gives the ceiling a much lighter feel.  The glossy effect can have a full range of finishes, from the imperfect to the mirror-smooth.


However, it does need to be pointed out that a high gloss finish will highlight any flaws in the surface. If absolute perfection is important to you, then either go flat or first have a plasterer / finisher skimcoat the ceiling so that it’s smooth. Then the painter (you?) can roll on the finish coats.

I happen to believe that the imperfect ceiling surface adds character! If you don’t mind a little waviness or imperfections, then a high gloss paint, a metallic paint, metallic leaf or Venetian plaster can add a beautiful shimmer to lift the room.

Elle Decor Photograph by Eric Piasecki

Elle Decor, Photograph by Eric Piasecki

If you’re going to use paint for as smooth a finish as possible, you should use a foam or short-napped roller and try to keep a wet edge. Coarse naps leave texture, and a dry edge can leave visible lap marks. If you use a metallic paint or metallic glaze, try the microfiber rollers for metallic paint. And add a paint “extender” for additional “open time” that allows you to roll on the paint with more ease and slows down the drying time.

These glossy ceilings are to die for:

Metropolitan Home, Larry Laslo Designs

Veranda magazine Photograph by Peter Vitale

Silver leaf ceiling John Saladino- Style by Saladino


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In case you're wondering…

I’ll be demonstrating 5 finishes at McDhurries tomorrow in Rocky River, Ohio:

-simple glazing,

-last step with a Venetian plaster’s metallic, translucent topcoat to add depth to the plaster,   

-Chinoiserie stencil using Lusterstone in a cool, very French combo of deep amber gold and orchid lavender

-Modello filled with a shimmery silver/white texture over a creamy yellow Venetian plaster

-Foil finishes- am bringing metallic foils and special “faux finished” foils that aren’t even out yet! 

All of these finishes can be applied  in your home or business and are also covered in various classes taught at my studio.

Am looking forward to meeting with you and discovering what you are interested in!

For more info, go to: http://shop.cleveland.com//ROP/Ads.aspx?advid=769741&adid=8049754

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