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…as in the book, Monochrome, by Paula Rice Jackson. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from this quietly elegant book on one way to use color.

While I love color, especially how Mother Nature combines them, there is something soothing and exciting when you walk into a room and you just feel the balance and harmony of the subtle nuances of color.

The funny thing about using one color is that it takes just as much attention to detail as it does when using a range of colors.

Designer: Nancy Corzine

Designer: Vicente Wolf

Designer: Vicente Wolf

The marble wall is beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?

Designer: John Saladino

The Venetian plaster walls in these photos are so…well, you just want to touch them! These monochrome walls are inspiring!

Designer: Philippe Starck

Designer: Philippe Starck


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Amethyst and the color purple


I just opened the September issue of  House Beautiful and discovered the color amethyst  in their Everywhere We Look column. 

Sound / look familiar? (See my post on July 7th below…)


PB Living Room 6-09 web



Turns out that the folks in Pompei in the first century also liked the color amethyst. This photo is of a wall from Pompei (now in the Met):

Purple Pompei screen saver 9-16-08 


Also in the same issue, there was an interesting Q & A article called “Confessions of a House Painter” on page 56.  His answers were spot on!

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