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Mosaics a la Venice

Talk about patience! These intriguing mosiac photos are taken in the Venetian atelier of Angelo Orsoni. The company was founded in 1888 and is located close to the Cannaregio canal in the Cannaregio district, off of the Grand Canal.
These glass tiles, or smalti,  are made according to the original recipes with glass and pigments, poured into slabs, cooled and cut into miniature pieces. The Orsoni mosaics are really exquisite fine art and are shipped all over the world.
The following photos are courtesy of Maisons Cote Sud. Photography by Bernard Touillon.
Orsoni mosaic library

up close

Powder pigment

These last two mosaics were picked up at an antique sale. They were made in Italy by students at an art school in Venice.

I would love to see other mosaic examples. Care to share?


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Cultivated Pleasures

After visiting Greet’s lovely new outbuilding in this Belgian Pearl post (here) and admiring Trish’s poppies and David Austin roses in this Trouvais post (here), I thought I’d share some bits of my garden with you. The tulips, helleborous, magnolia and dogwood are in full bloom now, with the lily of the valley, tree peonies and lilacs almost ready to burst.

Before I started painting and plastering, I really wanted to open a garden accessories and antique shop. I would have named it Cultivated Pleasures as I’ve always loved that name. Wouldn’t that be a perfect blog name? Hmmm….

The small round leaves in the foreground are European ginger. We split them every year as they make a wonderful ground cover.

rock tulip





peony unfurling

peony almost open

Have a fun weekend!

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Veggies and fruits for your walls

I chuckled when I saw this ad for Tollens paint, but it demonstrates a great way to transform your color preferences and ideas into actual colors for your walls. Gather up those photos you’ve been setting aside and take them to the paint store for color matching. Or ask your decorative painter to create a special finish based on the fish you’ve got in your hands!

Tollens paint

I found these veggie images with great color:




and when I saw the recent issue of New York Spaces magazine with the articles on using color in the home, the veggie and fruit colors just leaped out from the paper:


New York Spaces Photo by Brian Park

This is a lime plaster sample I created on textured wallpaper.

Lime plaster on textured wallpaper

These fun peach colors…


certainly made their way into this room!

New York Spaces Photo by Brian Park

Who can resist these luscious colors?



They were my starting point for this sample of paint and water-based waxes.

Paint and water-based waxes

You can find color ideas everywhere, even in the kitchen!

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A few of my favorite things

Isn’t this the cutest thing? When I saw this book, I knew I just had to use it as my Blog Book. It is my calendar of  “assignments,” along with topic ideas and potential photos. (I cleaned it up a bit…)

My blog book

Although I don’t remember where I found this photo, I hope to find these candlesticks some day. Anyone know where they are from?

Lately, I’ve been loving color combinations such as these. The door has a wonderful patina which looks like old lime paint. I love the teal and burgundy together.

I saw this ad last year and have been trying to decide where to try this color combo from Ligne Roset. It’s not just the color combo, though. It is the lushness of the velvet in contrast with the aged roughness of the concrete.

Today’s favorite things is going to become Friday’s Favorites. I’d love to see what items and ideas my fellow bloggers love, too!

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…as in the book, Monochrome, by Paula Rice Jackson. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from this quietly elegant book on one way to use color.

While I love color, especially how Mother Nature combines them, there is something soothing and exciting when you walk into a room and you just feel the balance and harmony of the subtle nuances of color.

The funny thing about using one color is that it takes just as much attention to detail as it does when using a range of colors.

Designer: Nancy Corzine

Designer: Vicente Wolf

Designer: Vicente Wolf

The marble wall is beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?

Designer: John Saladino

The Venetian plaster walls in these photos are so…well, you just want to touch them! These monochrome walls are inspiring!

Designer: Philippe Starck

Designer: Philippe Starck

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You Can Find Color Here (as in Peacock)

Do you dream in color like I do? One of my inspirations just happens to contain some of my fav colors in the fabulous, showy package known as the peacock. The brilliant blues, shades of green, accents of yellow, brown and black…

And (how timely) Pantone selected Turquoise as their color for 2010.

Full peacock feathers

Did you know that the luminous, brilliant colors of the peacock feather do not come entirely from the chemical pigments, but rather from the structure of the feather itself? The straplike “twigs” which come off the branches of the peacock feather measure differently for each color region. These produce the peacock’s iridescent hues, which shimmer and change, depending on the angle of light. The magnified feathers look like this:

Peacock feathers x 50 closeup

Peacock feathers x100 closeup

Lately, I’ve seen the peacock feathers featured as a décor item. Perfect accents, wouldn’t you say?

Voyage Arabescue silk fabric

Rouge Living peacock pillow

Rouge Living peacock pillow

The Rug Company

Halycon carpet, Loomah's Roscoe Collection

Halycon carpet, Loomah's Roscoe Collection

Mosaic of peacock feathers

You can find the peacock colors everywhere!

Grottesca by Carolina D'Ayala Valva

Carolina D'Ayala Valva's Grottesca with closeup of peacock feather

Great blue and green!




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Everywhere We Look: Yellow and Grey

Have you noticed lately how yellow and grey are one of the most popular go-to paint combinations? The color combo is often accented with black and / or weathered, bleached wood.

Yellow and grey can range from bold and bright to mellow and subtle to a well-tailored, clean and sophisticated.


From the Grandezza collection of JAB Anstoetz

Yellow and grey in Lee Jofa's Eric Cohler design

Sasha Adler in House Beautiful

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