Get Rid of Wallpaper Once and For All!

Off with the wallpaper! Here’s what Frank Faulkner did>>

Frank Faulkner,, is a Top 50 New York Designer, according to NY Spaces Magazine.He not only is a fabulous designer, but he is also a very talented artist. One of Frank’s recent homes is now featured in the March 2010 issue of NY Spaces Magazine. The circa 1870 home is in Hudson, NY. Having removed the old wallpaper, Frank decided to leave the living room walls “exactly as they were when we tore the wallpaper off, he says, cracked plaster, patination, and all.”

I was recently at a client’s home where the wallpaper had been stripped. Personally, I loved how the walls looked without anything further being done to them. It’s a matter of taste… wallpaper be gone!

Here are a few shots:

"Au naturelle" walls closeup

Walls left "natural" after wallpaper removal



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2 responses to “Get Rid of Wallpaper Once and For All!

  1. Thank you so much for your email! Your blog looks great and I love those ‘natural’ walls too! Great colour!

  2. Beautiful these walls! I would certainly keep them like that!

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