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HGTV August 19, 2009 11pm

This is when the show, My Big Amazing Renovation,  will air.

I was privileged to be selected as one of the artists chosen to take part in the renovation. My contributions included a medallion / border ceiling design in the homeowner’s sitting room and transforming ugly, gray cinder blocks into a continuation of the existing brick wall. 


HGTV brick wall before pr 


HGTV brick wall done pr

Here is the ceiling:

HGTV ceiling medallion complete pr

I hope you catch the show as there are so many fabulous finishes and green solutions in the home. Inspiring artists…


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Pink, orange and crimson

are quite the popular combo at the moment. Especially during the summer months, I see this color composition everywhere.  Flowers look great combined in these colors. In a home, this mixture can be a tad overwhelming, but accessories can be used to incorporate the colors with little investment.

Case in point- check out this gorgeous wedding bouquet:

Beth's bouquet web

No one creates a better bouquet then Pieter Bouterse!

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May I digress again?

We have a new puppy!

Our 9 week old little girl puppy is named Bella Bouterse. She is a Standard Schnauzer, ultimately growing to about 35 to 40 pounds. Not exactly a lap dog, so I am enjoying her small-ness for now.

Here she is, looking “innocent”:

Bella 8-11-09


And here she is, about to make a quick dash away into the forbidden areas of the yard:

Bella 8-11-09 3 web

Talk about cute and intelligent…. She’ll be keeping us on our toes.

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My daughter's wedding photos!


I have organized Beth and Alan Cafferkey’s wedding photos. My pretty daughter married her sweetheart on July 17, 2009.


[rockyou id=141751142&w=426&h=320]

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Amethyst and the color purple


I just opened the September issue of  House Beautiful and discovered the color amethyst  in their Everywhere We Look column. 

Sound / look familiar? (See my post on July 7th below…)


PB Living Room 6-09 web



Turns out that the folks in Pompei in the first century also liked the color amethyst. This photo is of a wall from Pompei (now in the Met):

Purple Pompei screen saver 9-16-08 


Also in the same issue, there was an interesting Q & A article called “Confessions of a House Painter” on page 56.  His answers were spot on!

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